Quzhou Port

Taking its source at Lianhua Peak in Kaihua, Qujiang River is a significant transportation route in the west of Zhejiang since the ancient time. The waterways between Hangzhou to Quzhou and Changshan have been built since the Han Dynasty, and were highly developed in the Tang Dynasty. The waterway system has laid solid foundation for the business industries in Quzhou in the Song Dynasty. The relic of the sunken ship in Changshange is a powerful proof. The main courses include:

1.     Beijing/Nanjing -- Hangzhou – Yanzhou - Lanxi - Quzhou

2.     Chuzhou - Longyou - Quzhou

3.     Hangzhou - Changshan - Yushan - Nanchang

4.     Quzhou - Pucheng - Jianning Fu

5.     Huizhou - Kaihua - Changshan

6.     Huizhou - Changshan - Jianning Fu

7.     Hangzhou - Jiangshan - Fuzhou