Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Wenzhou Grand Canyon Resort & Spring
Name in Chinese :温州大峡谷温泉度假村
Telephone:+86 577 67661000
Address:Fumei Village, Yayang Town, Taishun Country, Zhejiang


Wenzhou Grand Canyon Resort is located on the mountain slope of East Grand Canyon, at an altitude of 500 meters. It was built as a four-star resort and is fast becoming one of the top resorts in East China. Xanadu is the best word to describe the resort where green mountains and seasonal plants can be seen from the rooms.

There are 150 contemporary rooms in the resort, and onsite facilities include restaurants, council chambers, a swimming pool, an open-air bath, a basketball court, a shopping center, an outdoor expansion base and KTV box. All of which make the resort the best place for vacations.

Wenzhou Grand Canyon Resort uses the spring water from the bottom of the East Grand Canyon in the rooms, which guests can bathe in. The spring is nature’s gift to all the tourists, who are embraced by the nature. Wenzhou Grand Canyon Resort offers the most considerate service in the paradise of cloud, mountains, music, wines and breeze.

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