Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Jiangshan Wanlong Resorts
Name in Chinese :江山万隆度假村
Telephone: +86 570 4899993
Address:No. 1 Tongda Road, Chengnan Economic Development Zone, Jiangshan City, Quzhou


Jiangshan Wanlong Resorts locates in the foot of Tiger Mount, 10 km from Jianglang Mountain, a 4A material and cultural heritage of the world. Covering 60 acres, the resort is designed and built according to the national 4-star resort standard and ingrates the service of accommodation, catering, convention, business, recreation, leisure, tourism and vacation. During January 2011 to December 2015, the resort was the appointed hotel for governmental convention and training activities.

There are 120 North European style houses and vintage cottages scattering in the resort. The 22 dining halls and 12 multifunctional banquet halls can accommodate 3,000 diners at the same time. The significant highlight in this resort is the 2,800 square meters Jiangshan Great Hall equipped with movable wall, high-tech convention amenities and super big LED screen. The hall can accommodate 1,800 persons for banquet or convention. The indoor swimming pool, sauna room, footbath, KTV and chess room are all available. The hotel is very professional in host weddings and is able to host 15 weddings at the same time.

Jiangshan Wanlong Hotel offers considerate, professional and efficient service for the guests in the natural oxygen bar.

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