Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Shangyu (Appreciating Jude) Attic Eaglewood Hotel
Name in Chinese :赏玉阁沉香酒店
Telephone:+86 572 3018 000
Address:No.100, Southeast Street, Huzhou


The hotel is reconstructed from Family Mei Western Architecture of the Republican China. The main building has two floors with an “L” shape but covers a large building area of almost 3000 sq. m.. Featured with a typical combination of Chinese and Western styles, it didn’t have big changes during the reconstructions. In the second floor, there is a big room provided for dining, which also seems like a little attraction from the outside, suitable for photographing.

The hotel has two kinds of suites: Thermal Suite and Loft Suite. Each thermal suite, covering a 48-square-meter area in the first floor, has a hot spring pond in the rooms. The loft suites, located in the second floor, take an area of 50 square meters. It is broad and vast, giving you a relaxed mood.

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