Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Seclusive Gencaland Hotel
Name in Chinese :千岛湖芹川古村乡宿
Address:326-329, Qinchuan Village, Langchuan Town, Chun'an County 淳安县浪川乡芹川村326-329号


Village B&B is a recovery of a reclusive life in villages. With the dying of villages and local customs, the village B&Bs are created to continue the way of rural life and to bring alive those villages that most people haven’t had the chance to know yet but have been rooted in their hearts.

Qiandao Lake Qinchuan Ancient Village B&B is arranged along a river and consists of two areas, Wen Yan (literal meaning: listening to wild gooses; simplified Chinese: 闻雁) and Wen Gui (literal meaning: inquiring about osmanthus; simplified Chinese: 问桂) with a total of 17 rooms.

The B&B is situated among villages and is equipped with a library, and a tea/coffee space. Currently, only the Wen Yan area opens. The entire building complex integrates local white-walled and black-tiled style and Huizhou-style overhanging eaves and upturned corners. It was renovated as it used to be, blending well with surrounding village houses. Every room of the B&B is associated with water, even the names. It seems that it wants to express every charming feature of water.

Qinchuan Ancient Village B&B respects and continues to use the common knowledge about water. There are applications and interpretations of “water” in the B&B’s post communication of overall theory, decorations and the presentation of B&B elements. Opening the door, the aesthetic charm of the name starts to moisten people’s body and mind and the charisma of water permeates the entire room.

Using the music of water to speak out the love in a roundabout and gentle way, the tranquil Qinchuan Ancient Village is waiting for you to come.

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