Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
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Name in Chinese :海鸟天地
Telephone:+86 571 82277222
Address:No. 128, Xiamen Village, Heshang Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou


In order to meet the rising demands of this style of inn many places in Hangzhou have invested heavily to provide their guests with the experience of a lifetime, one such location includes that of Xiaoshan district.

Imagine water flowing beneath a bridge amidst a dense forest that is adorned with thousands of bamboo trees … Well that is the scene that can be found in 'Hai Niao Tian Di' (海鸟天地) - a renovated inn adapted from an over-one-hundred-year-old residential house. The inn rests in Zerong natural village * (泽荣自然村) in Xiamen Village (下门村), Heshang Town (河上镇). It is the first boutique inn in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou and currently the only one in Xiaoshan to have been honored as the demonstration point of Hangzhou Inns.

* The word ‘village’ has two meanings in China: one refers to the lowest-level administrative division and the other means natural village which spontaneously and naturally exists within rural areas.

The inn is designed on the architecture of ancient residential houses and incorporates many functions like a cultural creative center, café, tea houses and vacation for leisure. It is believed that the owner of ‘Hai Niao Dian Di’ invested RMB 20 million on its construction last year and is now in full function.

Outside, the inn boasts gurgling streams,straight bamboo forests, luscious green tea gardens and fruit trees which give off an intoxicating fragrance in both spring and autumn. Inside, its classical style can be spotted in many details, such as in the Huizhou-style* fire walls shaped like a horse’s head and in the wood houses with short beds, antique furnishings and Buddhist-inspired tea rooms … in fact everything here can be described as classical.

* Huizhou-style architecture is a significant branch of the traditional architecture of Han Nation and an indispensible composition of Huizhou Culture. It is widely favored by architects from both home and abroad. This kind of architecture is characterized by the abundant use of wood, brick and stone.

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