Le Passage Moganshan
Name in Chinese :莫干山法国山居
Telephone:+86 572 8052958
Address:Xianrenkeng Tea Plantation, Ziling Village, Moganshan Town


Rather than running a hotel the owner of Le Passage Moganshan prefers to share his reclusive life with those who share the same interests. This place is like someone’s elegant home with antique wooden floors, super tall doors and windows, white blinds, handmade ceramic floor tiles and a king-size Turkish hand-woven carpet - all of which form the life style the owner has spent years to create.

The most romantic part is that Le Passage Moganshan has a rose garden where over 12000 roses of 20 different species are grown. Every May and September the roses are in full bloom and appear like a blanket of petals covering every inch of the mountain slop. During this time, fresh roses can be seen adorning the tables, aisles and guest rooms, and you are even given a bunch to take home with you.

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