Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Jiangshan Hemu Jiayuan B&B
Name in Chinese :江山和睦家园民宿旅馆
Telephone:+86 570 4886977
Address:No. 19 Xunli Street, Nianbadu Town, Jiangshan City, Quzhou


Jiangshan Hemu Jiayuan B&B is located in Twenty-Eight Du Ancient Town, which is the first stop of Xiaxian Ancient Route and the busiest commercial port in the three provinces border. Hemu Jiayuan is situated on Fengling Road in the family stay street. Following Hemu Hui Restaurant in the city and Hemu Dayuan Farmhouse Restaurant, this is the third restaurant features on Hemu (harmony).

In November, 2012, the famous hostess Yang Lan visited Hemu Jiayuan and left her smiles and voice here. The calligraphy of He Mu Jia Yuan was written by Vice Governor Chen Jiayuan.
Vintage stuffs and ancient furniture abound in the B&B. A roof beam engraved with seven vivid figures celebrating birthday is said to be made in Ming Dynasty. A cabinet made in middle Qing Dynasty was set with cow bones and littleleaf boxwood.

In additional to the antiques, the dishes served in Hemu Jiayuan are also worth expecting. All the staff of Hemu Jiayuan warmly welcomes the guests with sincere smile and considerate service.

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