Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Name in Chinese :蜗牛房车营地
Address:8, Fangxi Road, Xixi National Wetland Park (third phrase)


The Snail RV Camp is opening! The party of and a communication opportunity for RV travelers, are you ready? Here, you can enjoy the natural landscape and supporting services of the Xixi Art Collection Village. It is a space for outdoor travelers to enjoy the holiday and RV life experience. You can also watch the open-air movies here and bring the children to the children's amusement park to enjoy the parent-child fun. If you are tired of living in a luxury hotel, then come and camp in our large tent area! The water sports area and cafeteria will definitely make you clap your hands!

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  • Located at the western part of Hangzhou City, less than 5 km from the West Lake, Xixi National Wetland Park is a unique venue considering its urban neighbourhood. The park is the first and only...