Zhejiang has all kinds of accommodations, from luxury five-star hotels such as the Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou near West Lake and Hilton Hotel near Thousand Island Lake, to unique B&B's residing in the mountains. They offer people not just a comfortable stay but an experience intertwined with the local Chinese culture and lifestyle.

Chaptel Hotel
Chaptel HotelConveniently located in downtown Hangzhou, and only 3 minutes from West Lake, Chaptel Hotel is at the heart of history, fashion, and refined lifestyle.Business and leisure travelers...
Jiangshan Hemu Jiayuan B&B
Jiangshan Hemu Jiayuan B&B is located in Twenty-Eight Du Ancient Town, which is the first stop of Xiaxian Ancient Route and the busiest commercial port in the three provinces border. Hemu Jiayuan...
Jiangshan Wanlong Resorts
Jiangshan Wanlong Resorts locates in the foot of Tiger Mount, 10 km from Jianglang Mountain, a 4A material and cultural heritage of the world. Covering 60 acres, the resort is designed and built...
Jiangshan Jinling Grand Hotel
Jiangshan Jinling Grand Hotel is administrated by Nanjing Jinling Hotel Management Ltd. The hotel situated in North Luxi Road, on the bank of Qiantang River – Xujiang River, near Xiangjia Garden,...
Quzhou Longyou International Hotel
Quzhou Longyou International Hotel is situated at the golden section in the city, a short distance from all the scenic spots in the city. The hotel is fully equipped and is prepared to cater to all...
Kaihua International Grand Hotel
Kaihua International Grand Hotel situates at South Jiangdong Road in Kaihua County, the junction of Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi. On the east bank of Qin Jiang, the source of Zhejiang’s mother river...