Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Zhejiang Province has abundant natural resources and is the most popular destination in China. There are eighteen National Key Scenic Spots, including the West Lake, the Fuchun River, the Xin'an River, Thousand-islet Lake, Mount Putuo, Mount Yandang, Mount Mogan, Mount Tiantai, the Nanxi River, the Shengsi Islands, Shuanglong Cave, Xiandu, Mount Xuedou , Mount Jianglang and Xianju ; forty-one provincial-level scenic spots, and one national tourist resort.


Zhoushan City is a unique island city and tourist city with beautiful sea-island scenery. “The City of Thousand Islands” lies on an archipelago consisting of 1,390 islands and 3,306 reefs. Located... more≫


Zhoushan Highlights