Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Things to do in Zhejiang are aplenty. For those into dazzling cultures, the nine national historical and cultural cities of Zhejiang are great places to start. For those desiring enchanting natural scenery, West Lake, Thousand Island Lake and Mount Jianlangshan are pleasant to the eye. Need some adventures? Be sure to hike its many towering mountains. Craving outdoor activities? Damingshan Skiing Resort and Yonganshan Paragliding Base will give you what you want. Museums like China Silk Museum, China National Tea Museum and theme parks such as Hello Kitty Theme Park and Hangzhou Paradise Park will raise your fun to the next level.

New Stone Age Tour at East-bound of Zhejiang
Blessed with a wealth of varied landscapes well known throughout China, Zhejiang attracts so many tourists. Under the general title of "Jiangnan (Southern Part of Yangtze River Delta) in Poems...
Zhujiajian and Taohua Island Tour
In Zhushan archipelago of Zhejiang province, there are two picturesque islands which is standing at the Sea to wait for your explore. Zhujiajian and Taohua Island, both are the bright pearl in the...
Hangzhou One day Classic Tour
During this trip you will see a few of Hangzhou's famous landmarks including Lingyin Temple, Meijiawu Tea Village, Yellow Dragon Cave Dressed in Green, Hefang Street and City God Pavilion.
Three-Day Hangzhou Private Tour
During the first day, you will visit classic West Lake scenic spots such as the Orioles singing in the Willows, Fish viewing at the Flower Pond, Yang Gong Causeway, Yue Fei’s Temple. In the second...
Best Hangzhou Tour Package
Hangzhou is a cultural center of China. 3 days culture trip in Hangzhou as a holiday stay includes tourist attractions like West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Confucius Temple and Baopu Taoist Temple
Putuo Mountain and Luojia Mountain Tour
Putuo Mountain and Luojia Mountain, are located at the eastern part of Zhoushan Archipelago. It is one of the Four Holy Buddhist Mountains and became a Buddhist Sanctuary with the full of mystic...