Things to do in Zhejiang are aplenty. For those into dazzling cultures, the nine national historical and cultural cities of Zhejiang are great places to start. For those desiring enchanting natural scenery, West Lake, Thousand Island Lake and Mount Jianlangshan are pleasant to the eye. Need some adventures? Be sure to hike its many towering mountains. Craving outdoor activities? Damingshan Skiing Resort and Yonganshan Paragliding Base will give you what you want. Museums like China Silk Museum, China National Tea Museum and theme parks such as Hello Kitty Theme Park and Hangzhou Paradise Park will raise your fun to the next level.

Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Museum
Lying to the south of West Lake, Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Museum has a floor area of 15,000 square meters (3.7 acres) and a building area encompassing 4,364 square meters (1.1 acres)....
Zhejiang Science Museum
Zhejiang Science Museum is located in the downtown West Lake Cultural Plaza. It’s open all year round. With an area of 30,000 square meters, it boasts more than 300 exhibitions of 104 different...
Tianyi Pavilion
Tianyi Pavilion, situated beside the picturesque Moon Lake, holds one of the oldest private libraries in China, and is one of the three most well-preserved ancient family libraries existing today in...
Baoguo Temple
Baoguo Temple, a famous thousand-year-old temple, is located on a 28.8 acre area of Mount Lingshan, fifteen km from Ningbo. It is one of the oldest well-preserved wooden Buddhist buildings in the...
China Sigillography Museum
China Sigillography Museum lies towards the east of Xiling Bridge, and is not only the first professional sigillography museum but the only one in China founded by the Xiling Seal Engravers’...
China National Silk Museum
Located on the south bank of West Lake, China National Silk Museum is the first national silk museum specializing in silk and is also the largest silk museum in the world, covering an area of 10,000...