Long-Distance Bus Stations in Ningbo

Ningbo has a complete and efficient road transport system, with five long-distance bus stations including the Ningbo Passenger Transport Center, North Bus Station, South Bus Station, East Bus Station and West Bus Station.

Ningbo Passenger Transportation Center
Address: at the junction of Huancheng West Road and Hang-Yong Expressway
Long distance buses head for all parts of the province and the other cities in China. Take bus No.501, 203, 105, 116, 510, 369, 109, and 523 get to the station. Long-distance buses depart between 06:00-08:00 every day and the fare varies from CNY 20 to CNY300 according to the distance and the type of vehicle.

North Bus Station
Address: No.122, Taodu Road, Jiangbei District
Buses in North Bus Station are mainly those heading to Yuyao, Cixi, Putuo Mountain and the Hemudu Site around Ningbo.

South Bus Station
Address: Towards the west of the South Railway Station
South Bus Station is a medium-sized bus station which mainly provides bus service within Ningbo as well as to Shanghai. Take bus No. 5, 380, 364, 207, 507, 330, 16, 361, and 506 to get to the station. There are also tourism buses in this station mainly heading for Huzhou, Wuzhen, Tianhe Scenic Area and the Jiufeng Mountain.

East Bus Station
Address: No.777, Ningchuan Road
Provides transport service to cities in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces. In addition, buses heading for Asoka Temple and Tiantong Temple are also available. There are also newly-added free buses running between East Bus Station and East Railway Station between 5:55 and 17:35, which depart every 30 minutes.

West Bus Station
Address: No. 44, Wangchun Road
Take bus No. 12 to get to the station. Most Buses head to nearby scenic areas like Liang-Zhu Cultural Park and Siming Mountain.