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Jingyuan Ancient House Museum in Wuyi County
Jingyuan Ancient House Museum is located inside Wuyi Spy Town, one of the first group of 37 little characteristic towns. In the museum, you can study the classical sinology in the Sanshan Academy, read fairy tales in the Tangtang Book House, enjoy the tea in Sanxie Teahouse, play the zither in Yunxuetang Musical Room, meditate in the meditation hall and draw in the art studio.

First Family in Jiangnan in Pujiang County
First Family in Jiangnan shows the former brilliance of the Zheng family, and its culture is still shining in spite of the sufferings of more than 360 years.

Bull’s Head Mountain National Forest Park in Wuyi County
Bull’s Head Mountain National Forest Park is reputed as the “Jiuzhaigou Valley of Jiangnan” and the highest mountain in central Zhejiang with a peak of 1560 meters. In terms of the natural resources, it is called “the oasis of central Zhejiang and the biobank of central China”.

●    Half-price for Siping Ancient Village, Fog Amusement Park Scenic Area, Xianhua Mountain, First Family in Jiangnan, White Stone Bay, Sheli Valley, Big Red Rock Scenic Area, Jingyuan Ancient House Museum, Baizhang Lake, Wulong Gorge, Shibawo Glacial Pothole, Lingjiangyuan River on May 19th
●    Free for Nine Peaks Mountain Tourist Area, Dafo Temple, Guwuyaohuo Cultural Industry Base, Lanxizhiyan Ancient Village, Fotang Ancient Town, Yiwu International Trade Mart on May 19th

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