Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Seaside Family
Name in Chinese :海边人家海鲜城
Telephone:+86 580 6631768
Address:No.89 Nansha Road, Zhujiajian Scenic Area, Zhoushan, China


Located in the famous scenic area of Zhujiajian, Seaside Family is a private guesthouse that is quite close to the beach. Living in a graceful room facing to the sea, travelers can watch the sunrise abovethe golden beachwhen they wake up.

Apart from the comfortable residence, Seaside Family offers a wide range of seafood dishes at affordable prices. Delicious and authentic seafood dishes like crab, sea seeds and geoducks taste awesome with a cold beer surfing in the mouth.

Every guest will be served very well by the host of Seaside Family, remember to order a special dish of fried fish from the host to feel the authentic gourmet from the seawater of Zhoushan.

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