Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Qiantang Family
Name in Chinese :钱塘人家(北栅街店)
Telephone:+86 573 84564610
Address:No.1 North Lattice Street, Xitang Town, Jiaxing 361012, China


Qiantang Family is the most well-known restaurant in Jiaxing. It is situated under Yongning Bridge which is a very good location where customers can see the long hall along the small river. You can get the beautiful views standing in the balconies along the river.

The restaurant was originally built with the capacity of 150 customers, offering the most authentic cuisines like duck ravioli pot, steamed white silk fish, rotten clothes wrapped round, heart steamed oil, salt and pepper the fish Fang Welfare.

Imagine that when you sit at the window appreciating the incredible night views of ancient water town, you can get more out of those delicious meals. Xitang Family is the best place to settle when you want to escape from the stressing metropolitan.

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