Qianba Okinawa Restaurant
Name in Chinese :千霸冲绳料理餐厅
Telephone:+86 571 81068237
Address:No. 3, Banqiao Road, Hangzhou


As the first Okinawa food restaurant in Hangzhou, this newly opened restaurant enjoys a very central location only a few steps away from the bustling West Lake. Compared to other Japanese foods Okinawa style cuisine mainly consists of seafood.

The owner of the restaurant has been perfecting Okinawa dishes for over 10 years and he now brings the cuisine to Hangzhou and through the design and decoration of the restaurant and his attention to detail, his authenticity can be clearly seen.

The specialties of this restaurant are sea grapes and pork - oozing in original flavors this is the ideal place to set your taste buds on some authentic Okinawa food.

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