Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Nanxun Three-Cup-of-Tea House
Name in Chinese :南浔三碗茶
Address:No. 51 Renrui Road, Nanxun Town, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province


Nanxun Three-Cup-of-Tea House sits in a two-story Ming-styled old residence alongside the river. The tea house borrows its name from the local snack, three cups of tea, which is one of the traditional snacks in Jiaxing area. At the very beginning, this kind of snack was used to treat a daughter’s fiancé. Gradually it became a common snack to treat relatives and friends. The first cup of tea tastes sweet and is made from syrup and glutinous rice crust. The second cup of tea tastes salty and has eight ingredients, including smoked beans, dried orange rind, osmanthus, and sesames. All the ingredients are believed to have special benefits for health. The last cup is ordinary green tea. One can also have a taste of other local snacks in the tea house. It is a good place to spend spare time chatting with friends.

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