Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Midtown Brewery
Name in Chinese : 城中啤酒吧
Telephone:+86 571 81590433
Address:No. 6 Changshou Road, Kerry Central, Yan’an Road


When we refer to beer we mustn't forget Germany and when we talk about Germany we are quickly reminded of their specialist beers and sausages, talking of which, both are offered in Hangzhou's restaurant Mid-town Brewery.  

Midtown Brewery, located on the ground floor of Midtown Shangri-la – Asia’s flagship hotel, is a luxurious restaurant and bar that offers special draft beers, German, Italian and French food and live music. It has 263 seats which includes the alfresco dining in its open air garden.  

The restaurant, a piece of art itself, took the renowned Japanese designer (庭田良一) two years to finish – visit and you will see why. There is a giant blackboard explaining the brewery process, a structure made of 990 metal cubic columns and wood, a wall decorated with 720 crystal glasses and 50 gilded pigs and 1438 pipes crisscrossed on the ceiling and walls.  

The restaurant boasts a variety of beers all of which are home brewed by an experienced brewer and with 15 years of brewing knowledge the beers here will surely satisfy a number of local and foreign tastes, some are even infused with Longjing green tea and osmanthus.

German, Italian and French delicacies such as, German sausage, salami, parma ham, Spanish chorizo, goose liver pate, Italian bacon and salted beef are all nicely complemented by the restaurant's large selection of brewed beers.

Every Thursday night is ladies’ night and this means every lady can enjoy a 50% discount off  beers and cocktails.

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