Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Mercato Piccolo
Name in Chinese :莫卡多意大利餐厅
Telephone:+86 571 81905656
Address:1/F Building D, Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall


Mercato Piccolo is famous for many things - the best pizza in town, the freshest ingredients flown in directly from Italy and a menu designed by a Michelin Three-Star chef. The restaurant has a strong and authentic Italian flavor, both in its food and decor.

The brand Mercato Piccolo was created in 2012 in Shanghai by Jean-Georges Vongerichten, a world-famous chef who has been bestowed with many honors such as a Michelin Three-Star rating, New York Times’ four-star rating and the James Beard Award. He personally manages 27 restaurants in 8 countries.

More than Authentic Italian Food
Mercato Piccolo offers more than just authentic Italian food. Italian for “small market”, Mercato Piccolo brings to the fore the ecological dining theory of farm to table.

However, in order to ensure absolute authenticity of flavor, Mercato Piccolo painstakingly transports the finest Italian ingredients that cannot be substituted by those locally sourced, thereby ensuring that each dish prepared is of high quality while retaining its inherent authenticity.

The restaurant makes liberal use of wood and metal in the design of dining tables and walls, and flagstones for the floor in accordance with the modernism of Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall. The open kitchen proudly showcases state of the art kitchen equipment complete with a pizza oven imported from Italy, the only one of its kind in all of Hangzhou. The wood-fired oven uses scented peach wood, making for a pizza that is a treat for all senses. The open kitchen also affords diners a good view of the well-trained cooks going about their duties, making for an interesting show.

Menu Designed by Michelin Three-Star Chef
The boot-shaped Italy boasts of all kinds of delicacies from all parts. Jean Georges is said to have spent years eating all the way up from the south of the country to the North, and based on those experiences, he designed a unique menu for Mercato Piccolo.

Mercato Piccolo promotes seasonal specials every year; however, pizza is a classic menu item retained for all seasons. All pizzas are prepared in Mercato Piccolo using special dough made from top-notch Italian semolina flour, ensuring a crust that is delicious, thin, soft and chewy. The pizza is neither too thin nor too thick, with just the right crispness at the edges, and is topped with the tastiest and freshest items, be it black truffles or organic eggs. Cheese used in the restaurant is also made in the house, instead of being purchased from other providers.

On the other end of the open kitchen is the bar, where cocktails mixed with strong Italian wine and fresh vegetables and fruits is considered the specialty of the restaurant.

The Italian restaurant provides those with a soft spot for romantic Italy a nice place to enjoy a delightful time right here in Hangzhou.

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