La Pedrera Spanish Restaurant
Name in Chinese :巴特洛餐厅
Telephone:+86 571 88489830
Address:Xixi Brook, No. 21 Zijingang Road, West Lake


La Padrera is known for serving authentic Spanish food that carries the flavor of a grandmother’s cooking.

Paella, the most famous Spanish dish, is a must-have whenever one dines at a Spanish restaurant. As famous a European dish as French escargot or Italian spaghetti, paella originated in Valencia, and is prepared with dry rice. Besides typical preparations like Valencian Paella, Shrimp Paella, Cuttlefish Paella, Mushroom Paella, La Padrera also offers two creative kinds – roast red pepper with pork chop and Thai beef.

Coca is another one of the specialties on offer at the restaurant. Basically a Spanish Pizza, it features a thick crust with a crispy bottom and a spongy middle, rich but not greasy at all. As of now, there is no other restaurant in Hangzhou serves this kind of pizza. Similar to a Sicilian pizza in its shape, the rectangular Coca in La Padrera is topped with a thick layer of cheese, and cut into square pieces when ready to be served.

The toppings are usually vegetables and Spanish sausage, with standard preferences being roasted peppers, squash, and caramelized onions; it is not hard to guess that Coca is best enjoyed shared, with family and friends. The lively ambience of the restaurant definitely adds to the experience and most likely plays an important role in attracting its expat clientele.

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