Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Granny Stinky Tofu
Name in Chinese :管老太臭豆腐(官方店)
Telephone:+86 13484157168
Address:No.92 Shiban Road, Xitang Town, Jiaxing 361012, China


Stinky Tofu is a traditional Chinese snack that has been popular among folks for hundreds of years. As one of the representations of Chinese snacks, stinky tofu is highly recommended due to its deep cultural connotations. 

Granny Stink Tofu smells not very good but tastes quite delicious. It is steamed to be tender and smooth, fried to be crispy outside and flaky inside, which makes it a shining star in Xitang Ancient Town, and it has expanded a number of branches in Xitang Ancient Town

One of the reasons that granny stinky tofu tastes such wonderful is its yummy sauce. Apart from the stinky tofu, other snacks like small ravioli and fermented rice are also quite outstanding. Each cook in Granny Stinky Tofu is quite busy every day, but every customer will be served very well and there is no need to wait very longer to get your delicious tofu.

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