Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Emerald Sea (Ningbo Marriott Hotel)
Name in Chinese :宁波翡翠轩中餐厅
Telephone:+86 574 87108888
Address:3/F, Ningbo Marriott Hotel, No.188 Heyi Road, Haishu District, Ningbo, China


Located in the downtown center of Ningbo, Emerald Sea is a little star dwelling in the third floor of Ningbo Marriott Hotel, beside the Yao River, Heyi Avenue and Tianyi Plaza. Emerald Sea, the combination of fashion, elegance and exquisiteness, offers over one hundred types of local Ningbo cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, and Cantonese cuisine.

Managed by experienced chefs, a variety of culinary delights can be found in Emerald Sea. Moreover, amazing performances of Chinese tea making are given by tea specialists. Gourmet food, good wine and a beautiful night view will make your dinner incredibly special and extraordinary.

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