Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Dongshan Seafood Restaurant
Name in Chinese :东山海鲜楼(欧洲城店)
Telephone:+86 577 57575777
Address:Block C, European City Area, Lucheng District, Wenzhou, China


Supper is an essential part of nightlife and one must be satisfied before falling asleep. Anyone born in Wenzhou will primarily pick seafood as their top option since that's the resource from the sea.

Dongshan Seafood Restaurant is regarded as the best, cooking seafood with fresh ingredients. The restaurant was built and designed with modern architecture, consisting of rooms decorated in a traditional Chinese style giving a feeling of authenticity. What makes it extraordinary is the combination of traditional food and fashioned style of culinary. Apart from classical dishes like fairy chicken and rice durian, their talented chefs also invented salt-baked chicken, crispy pork belly row, wine yellow croaker and many more. It will be your best night having fresh seafood with some wine in such a comfortable environment.

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