Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Deer Restaurant
Name in Chinese :得尔乐大酒店(新桥店)
Telephone:+86 577 88567788
Address:1-4 Floor, No.199 Zhanqian Road, Xinqiao Street, Ouhai District, Wenzhou, China


Deer Restaurant was founded in 1993 and has expanded many chain restaurants in the city of Wenzhou. During the whole process of management over the past years, Deer Restaurant was dedicated in pursuing culinary, service, circumstances and company culture. 

Deer Restaurant became famous with the reputation of their first dish Fish Head, and it would be recalled when the restaurant crosses people's mind. Each fish is guranteed as fresh and cooked with the best sauce and ingrdients. Some of the variants even beat other opponents in the national fish cooking contest, such as Chili Fish Head, Milk Soup Fish Head and Appetizer Fished Head.

Recently, Deer Restaurant has purchased a wide range of seafood and delicacies from Yuhang and Dalian, like crabs, soft-shelled turtle and organic vegetables. Every dish can be guaranteed the best quality and extremely delicious.

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