Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Asan Seafood Stall
Name in Chinese :阿三海鲜排档
Telephone:+86 18967201444
Address:No.27-29 Jinsha Road, Zhujiajian Scenic Area, Zhoushan, China


Asan Seafood Stall is situated in the stall street of Zhujiajian. There are a huge of number of people looking for restaurants with delicious seafood along the stall street, especially on a summer’s evening.

Thechefs at Asan offer customers fresh and deliciousdishes. Asan's seaweed is the most recommended dish by both native people and travelers when they have dinner in Asan Seafood Stall.

If it's your first time in PutuoZhoushan and you would like to have dinner in a quiet place, Asan's authentic seafood,with its awesome cold beer will make your dinner unforgettable. Although slightly more expensive than other eateries, there is chance for customers to get a discount.

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