Annvita Tea Room
Name in Chinese :安薇塔英国茶屋
Telephone:+86 571 87002717
Address:2/F Building A, West Lake Intime Shopping Mall, No. 98 Yan’an Road


Annvita is a Shanghai brand of tea rooms which has branches both here in China and overseas. Annvita is the quintessential embodiment of a Victorian afternoon tea in that it combines the century-old English brand of tea; the bone china used by the English royal family and English afternoon tea culture.  As its slogan goes, it really is “Leader of English Tea, Expert in Afternoon Tea”.

Its Hangzhou branch is located at the foot of Wushan Hill near the West Lake and its rooms, predominantly blue, are arch-shaped with many white marble pillars dotted about. On a sunny day sitting on one of its cosy wooden tables you could be like Alice in Wonderland at the mad hatter’s tea party hiding away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  In the porcelain display area one can also find an English Royal tea set marking the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate.

The menu of Annvita Tea Room is as thick as a book and introduces a thorough guide to English afternoon tea, from its origins to the finest of ingredients.  

In Annvita Tea Room the English Rose milky tea is definitely worth brewing over. The tea is infused using English rose tea and milk and with a distinct rose aroma and smooth taste it’s bound to leave you feeling more than rosy.

The three layer cake stand is an indispensible part of an English afternoon tea and according to afternoon tea etiquette any culinary delights should be tasted from bottom-to-top and salty-to-sweet. The first level of the cake stand is usually for various types of salty sandwiches, such as ham, cheese and egg and the second and the third levels are saved for seasonal special desserts.  

In Annvita Tea Room the three-layer cake stand serves a variety of sweet treats such as fruit tarts, strawberry mousse and chocolate tarts to name but a few. According to the season Annvita will introduce new desserts such as mushroom cake which is inspired from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The cake uses strawberry and raspberry jam to form its mushroom shape and rich vanilla cream is stuffed inside with a sweet and salty raspberry gel embedded in between. Yummy!

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