Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Name in Chinese :新荣记
Address: 5, Da Zhong Xiu Qi Village, Hongyuan Garden, Xixi National Wetland Park


Established in Taizhou, Zhengjiang Province in October 1995, Xin Rong Ji is a famous privately-own company in the catering industry. The company adheres to the business idea of “doing business honestly and offering people-oriented service”. They have been pursuing the perfect gourmet idea of “using the real stuff and serving the perfect dishes”. The spirit of “Always being innovative, always being unique and always pursuing the best” has formed the distinguished style of the dishes from Xin Rong Ji. Besides, with the high-quality catering culture and environment, innovative excellent services and brand management, it aims to build itself into the high-quality Chinese catering band.  

The Xin Rong Ji of Xixi Wetland is the flagship restaurant in Hangzhou Region by the Xin Rong Ji group. After the opening, it will preserve the business idea of Xin Rong Ji and offer the various gourmet experiences based on different customers. 

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