Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
Name in Chinese :悟空家素食主义餐厅
Address:100 meters from the entrance of wujiawan parking lot in xixi wetland


Don’t have to go far and don’t have to stay at home; 

Hangzhou City is close range and mountains in the distance;

Inside Xixi Wetland Park, there is a vegetarian restaurant, which was relocated here from Tianzhu, Lingyin.

It is dedicated to studying vegetarian food,

and also cartoon making, handicrafts making, guitar playing, string instruments playing …

Striking, Repairing, Patching and Stitching.

On sunny days, you can arrange flowers in a vase or watch tea ceremony; On rainy days, you capture the scene of rain falling on leaves of Japanese banana with your camera.

Life is under the persimmon tree in the courtyard and is close to the rowing boat

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