Green Peach
Name in Chinese :碧桃小馆
Address:No.232 of West Lake Avenue, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City


Green Peach Restaurant hides in a row of Shikumen-style buildings, which are located in the intersection of West Lake Avenue and Ding’an Road. Unlike the bustling West Lake Avenue, it is graceful and tranquil. Walking into the restaurant, you will feel like that you’ve travelled back in time the Republic of China era, with the old-Shanghai architectural style. Old wooden doors and windows, bronze bibcock handles wooden floors, colorful walls and cabinets, old ceiling fans and radios, a British telephone, an old desk clock and wall clock, a wooden box, an antique Mahjong table and old-Shanghai bank lights are everywhere. With retro and artistic decorative style, there is a glass hallway that divides the restaurant into inside and outside parts. Cubicles with black and white floors are on the ground floor and the second floor has a smoking area. Decorated with various exquisite and elegant ornaments, it’s full of petty bourgeoisie sentiment. With the belief that quality food brings good flavor, the Green Peach aims to create the fantastic home-like taste for all guests. With no unhealthy ingredients added, the chefs keep the original taste and flavor of food to the fullest.