Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Zhejiang Cuisine is one of the top eight cuisines of China, with an abundance of varieties: Hangzhou dishes, Shaoxing dishes, Ningbo dishes and Wenzhou dishes, a delicate style, fresh ingredients and a taste which is a mix of smooth, tender and crisp all in one.

Tianyuan Tower Hotel – Revolving Restaurant
Hangzhou's highest revolving restaurant takes 120 minutes to turn, so you can enjoy the food while appreciating the all-round scenery of the New Qianjiang CBD and fantastic river view. The food...
Panji Anren Fish Head
Anren Fish Head, originally located in the Dayang Road, is the symbol of the Anren Ancient Town, Longquan City. There are more than twelve ways to make the fish head delicious. The fish is taken from...
Chenzhanggui Folk Snack
In Chenzhanggui Folk Snack, you can find all the local special snacks that you can imagine. It is also a star in Lishui City, popular to the local people for its perfect dining environment and...
New Daiji Restaurant
As an established brand in Lishui, New Daiji Restaurant is famous for its dishes of Taizi snail, roasted potatoes, and pig blood tofu. The food here is really delicious and the price is quite...
Shanfen Egg Noodles
Shanfen are noodles that are made from sweet potatoes. With their transparent, gelatinous and soft texture, they are very much like rice noodles. They are usually cooked with vegetables, eggs and...
Means Club
Means Club is equipped with Martin audio loudspeakers and professional lightning. The original decoration style presents an international, artificial, and deluxe environment for recreation. Means...