Zhejiang Cuisine is one of the top eight cuisines of China, with an abundance of varieties: Hangzhou dishes, Shaoxing dishes, Ningbo dishes and Wenzhou dishes, a delicate style, fresh ingredients and a taste which is a mix of smooth, tender and crisp all in one.

Xinrong Ji
Zhang Yong, the founder of Xinrong Ji, was born in Linhai, Taizhou, andhas had a passion for gourmet food since he was a child. In 1989, Zhang started his little food stall by the walkway in Linhai....
Inbar Club
Inbar Club is one of the most deluxe clubs in Taizhou, located in Donghuan Avenue 405, Economic Development Zone. The club is luxuriously decoratedand has top-level equipment. It is the most...
Aibier Music Dining Bar
Aibier is a leading fashion restaurant providing customers with a unique experience in an innovational fashionable dining environment. Aibier serves creative Western cuisines, homemade beer, European...
Xinglong Restaurant
Wenling Xinglong Restaurant is situated in a convenient location at East People Road, near Donghui Park. It has an open-air parking lot and an underground parking lot, offering great convenience for...
Wakuai Fish Restaurant
Wakuai Fish is a traditional dish of Han nationality, gaining its name from its shape of a pad. Wakuai Fish Restaurant is famous for its specialty Wakuai Fish. The restaurant is popular due to the...
Queen Club
Queen Club is a very popular club in Quzhou. It is a tiny bar without deluxe decoration, but in lively atmosphere. The local young guys and girls love to spend their night-life here in the club. The...