Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Happy Chinese New Year in Hangzhou

The pace of the Chinese New Year, the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer, and the flavor of the Spring Festival in the streets is getting stronger and stronger. From now until the Spring Festival, what Chinese New Year activities are available for people to participate in? Where is it? Read on to learn more …

West Lake Scenic Area

Spring Festival Lantern Gathering

Time: during the entire Spring Festival (Jan 25, 2020 to Feb 8, 2020)

Venue: Wushan Hill Chenghuang Tower Scenic Area 吴山城隍阁景区

This year’s Wushan Lantern Gathering will come as expected and this year’s event integrates traditional culture, folk culture and New Year culture in the forms of temple fairs and lanterns. Over ten characteristic colorful lanterns will be displayed in Chenghuang Tower Scenic Area to create a festive New Year atmosphere.

Shangcheng District

“Intoxicating Hangzhou•Chinese New Year” Hubin Walking Street New Year Atmosphere

Time: onwards until the end of the Spring Festival

Venue:the south and north sections of Hubin Walking Street and Dongpo Road 湖滨步行街东坡路南北段

2020 is the first New Year of Hubin Walking Street since its opening and now the district has gradually presented a strong New Year atmosphere. The northern section of Dongpo Road incorporates elements of "traditional Chinese New Year", while the southern section combines elements of "dream, technology, and future" to brighten the lakeside night sky with gorgeous lighting effects.

Xihu District

Xixi Wetland Folk Custom Activities

Time: during the Spring Festival

Venue:Xixi National Wetland Park 西溪湿地

Visit Xixi Spring Festival Market

The period from January 25th to March 15th is the Xixi Wetland New Year Plum Blossom Exploration Festival. During the Spring Festival Holiday (Jan 25th to 30th, 2020), a small market will be held in Zhoujia Village's pier and there will be artisans making sugar figurines, making mud figurines, writing Chinese characters “福” to pray, writing spring couplets, compiling Chinese knots, etc. 

Wedding Customs of Jiangnan Water Village

In Shentankou, there are more lively water village wedding performances. Lifting a sedan chair, taking a wedding boat, throwing an embroidered ball, and performing the formal wedding ceremony, you can not only watch the wedding, but also participate in the wedding, and experience the joy of Xixi wedding!

Make Xixi Ancient Niangao (New Year Rice Cake)

During the Spring Festival in Xixi, the most exciting thing to look forward to is the performance of making Niangao. If you want to try, you can always pick up a wooden hammer and make a rice cake for yourself.

Xiaoshan District

2020 Xianghu Lake Fish Festival

Time: January 18th to 19th

Venue:Hushan Square, Xianghu Lake 湘湖湖山广场

At the beginning of the New Year, you will meet fish in Xianghu Lake, and the 2020 Xianghu Lake New Year Fish Festival will arrive as scheduled to share the joy of harvest. Fanyi fortune balls handing out, research and learning consultation area, interactive photo area, Xianghu Gifts x Natural Creation New Year Market, intangible cultural heritage market, and fish products seckill* within a limited time are set on the site of the annual fish festival.

*seckill is a word popular in the online shopping community to define the rapid sell out of newly advertised goods in China.

At the opening ceremony on January 18th from 13:30 to 14:30, the opening ceremony will also include singing and dancing, experiencing the ancient fishing method, releasing live fish fry, fish king auction and other programs.

Xianghu Lake Fish Festival Thousand Lanterns Gathering

Time: 9: 30-21: 00 from January 18 to February 16 (lighting ceremony: 18: 18-19: 00 on January 18)

Venue:Xiasun Cultural Village, Xianghu Lake 湘湖下孙文化村

There will be daily performances of "The Wedding of Mice", gathering of Han Chinese Clothing, intangible cultural heritage craft display... just waiting for you to participate!

Yuhang District

The 7th Ancient Town New Year Festival of Tangxi

Time:onwards until February 8th

Venue:Tangxi Town, Yuhang District 余杭塘栖镇

There is less than a month before the Chinese New Year, and the New Year atmosphere in the air of Tangxi is getting stronger day by day. A wide variety of New Year Activities like “Our Village Evening Gala”, “Chinese New Year Opera”, “New Year Reading”, and “the Coming of God of wealth” are waiting for you come and join us and find happiness and happy New Year in Tangxi!

Lin’an District

The 9th Lin’an Folk Custom Characteristic Tourism Festival, i.e. Tuankou Suomian Cultural Festival

Time:onwards until the end of Chinese first lunar month (Feb 22, 2020)

Venue:Tuankou Town, Lin'an District 临安湍口镇

The 9th Lin’an Folk Custom Characteristic Tourism Festival and Tuankou Suomian Cultural Festival are currently underway. Intangible heritage is an important theme of this event. The successors of various types of intangible heritage projects will present unique intangible heritage performances at Badu Street (八都街) and the "New Year’s Stocking Fair (年货市集)". In addition, everyone can taste 13 kinds of special dishes of Tuankou Town.

In addition to the main venue, the Lin'an Folk Custom Characteristic Tourism Festival also opens branch venues in the Daming Mountain National AAAA Scenic Spot, Longmen Mysterious Land of Gaohong Town, etc., and prepares snow carnival, folk Art exhibitions, parade performances, folk custom fairs, the Guochao Folk Custom Festival and other wonderful and rich activities, setting off the lively atmosphere of the New Year.

Tonglu County

“Fortune Mouse” Celebrating Chinese New Year

Time:January 25th to 29th

Venue:Yaolin Wonderland (瑶琳仙境), Daqi Mountain (大奇山), Yanziling Fishing Place (严子陵钓台)

In all scenic areas, mouse-related fun activities are prepared for you and the participation of them can guarantee you a gift!

Activity One: At the entrance of scenic areas, a long jump field is set up for visitors to display the strongest sports cells.

Activity Two: The staff members act as dolls, and tourists complete specified actions according to the instructions of the dolls, take photos and share them on social media networks (Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, etc.)

Activity Three: Visitors complete a 10-meter game using both hands and feet, take photos and share them on social media networks (Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, etc.).

Chun’an County

Hecun Village Bench Dragon Dance

Time:the fifth day of the first lunar month (January 29, 2020)

Venue:Weipinghe Village, Chun’an County 淳安县威坪河村

Weipinghe Village has the custom of performing Bench Dragon Dance on the fifth day of the first lunar month. The bench dragon is a combination of a dragon head, special benches equipped with colored lights and a dragon tail, hence the name "Bench Dragon". For starters, every household gathers in front of the Tanzhu Temple (坛主庙) to form a dragon with their special benches, perform bench dragon dance, and then dance through and around the village. The scene is very spectacular.

"Offering Pig Heads to Worship Ancestors" in Zhujia Village, Jinfeng Town

Time:the sixth day of the first lunar month (January 30, 2020)

Venue:Zhujia Village, Jinfeng Town, Chun'an County 淳安县金峰乡朱家村

Zhujia Village in Jinfeng Town (金峰乡朱家村) is a culturally distinctive area in the Spring Festival in Zhejiang Province. The village’s tradition of "offering pig heads to worship ancestors” has more than 600 years of history. It is now an intangible cultural heritage protection project in Hangzhou. Every year in the first lunar month, every family takes pig heads to the clan ancestral hall to worship ancestors and pray for peace and good luck in the following year. During this period, the biggest and most exquisite pig heads will be rewarded.

Beginning on the first day of the first lunar month, the village will also hold opera performances, bamboo horse performances, lion dance, juggling and other entertainment activities, which will continue until the fifteenth night of the first lunar month. 

Jiande City

"Fortune Mouse" Chinese New Year Celebration in Meicheng Ancient Town

TimeJanuary 24 to February 8

地点:Meicheng Ancient Town in Jiande City 建德梅城古镇

During the Spring Festival, the "Golden and Fortune Mouse" will come to Meicheng Ancient Town, and many activities will take place in turn: the ancient town's New Year Street, the fortune snack market, the hundred fortune mouse-related movie exhibition and other activities waiting for you to participate in.

"Longevity Mouse" Chinese New Year Celebration in Shouchang Ancient Town

Time:January 24 to February 8

Venue:Shouchang Town, Jiande Town 建德镇寿昌

Shouchang, a famous town in the west of Zhejiang Province, will hold the New Year activities under the theme of "The Longevity Mouse invites you to celebrate Chinese New Year in Shouchang Ancient Town ". In addition, on the day of the Lantern Festival, Shouchang will hold the "five dragons offering fortune" Lantern Festival celebration activity, and colorful dragons will walk along the streets of the ancient town from east to west.

Tips: The above activities may be adjusted according to the situation on site.