Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Zhejiang Cuisine is one of the top eight cuisines of China, with an abundance of varieties: Hangzhou dishes, Shaoxing dishes, Ningbo dishes and Wenzhou dishes, a delicate style, fresh ingredients and a taste which is a mix of smooth, tender and crisp all in one.

Aibier Music Dining Bar
Aibier is a leading fashion restaurant providing customers with a unique experience in an innovational fashionable dining environment. Aibier serves creative Western cuisines, homemade beer, European...
Zoo Coffee
Zoo Coffee is a theme coffee brand from South Korea. Now Zoo Coffee has opened in many cities in China. The fresh and natural atmosphere there and the fancy idea of bringing the zoo into a coffee...
J Café
One will be attracted by the oil painting on the entrance of J Café. On the wall made of coffee beans extends an auto racing track, which is so original and creative. The owner spent a whole month...
Homewood Café
The decoration at Homewood is decidedly hip Korean: custom-made wooden furniture, early 2000s iTunes music visualizations projected on a brick wall and a gigantic latte mug over the archway into the...
The Italian coffee roaster, Moak, began roasting beans in 1967. Forty-five years later it opened its fourth Hangzhou location at the Westbrook Center at the Xixi Wetlands. This new location is a...
Green Peach
Green Peach Restaurant hides in a row of Shikumen-style buildings, which are located in the intersection of West Lake Avenue and Ding’an Road. Unlike the bustling West Lake Avenue, it is graceful...