Zhejiang has all kinds of accommodations, from luxury five-star hotels such as the Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou near West Lake and Hilton Hotel near Thousand Island Lake, to unique B&B's residing in the mountains. They offer people not just a comfortable stay but an experience intertwined with the local Chinese culture and lifestyle.

Nanxun Liuyinlu Inn
NanxunLiuyinlu Inn is situated in an ancient house built in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China. Covering 600 square meters, it was a private house of a rich family, and is now open to...
Xianju Jiudu B&B
Xianju Jiudu B&B has been open since 2014. It has 100 guest rooms. Located in the beautiful scenic area in Dazhuang Village, Butou, XianjuJiudu B&B is surrounded by refreshing landscapes and...
Lishui Shore Garden
Opened in 2015 with four suites, Lishui Shore Garden is located in the Guyan Painting Town. In the Jiangbing ancient street, abutting the dock with a thousand-year history, this place sits on a quiet...
Jiangshan Hemu Jiayuan B&B
Jiangshan Hemu Jiayuan B&B is located in Twenty-Eight Du Ancient Town, which is the first stop of Xiaxian Ancient Route and the busiest commercial port in the three provinces border. Hemu Jiayuan...
Yunhe Yinxiangjia B&B
Open in 2014 with 60 rooms, Yunhe Yinxiangjia B&B locates in Lishui Yunhe Terrace Tourist Center, near Chongtou Town People’s Government. This place is beautiful with great location.The B&B...
Shaoxing Anchang Hotel
Shaoxing Anchang Ancient Town, created in North Song dynasty, is the second batch of national historical and cultural town. Featuring the authentic architecture style of Jiangnan water town, this...