Zhejiang Cuisine is one of the top eight cuisines of China, with an abundance of varieties: Hangzhou dishes, Shaoxing dishes, Ningbo dishes and Wenzhou dishes, a delicate style, fresh ingredients and a taste which is a mix of smooth, tender and crisp all in one.

Yepu Club
Yepu Club possesses a floor area over 1,200 square meters and has invested more than 150 million to build a leading fashion palace for music and vision art with its unique style and brand new music...
Inbar Club
Inbar Club is one of the most deluxe clubs in Taizhou, located in Donghuan Avenue 405, Economic Development Zone. The club is luxuriously decoratedand has top-level equipment. It is the most...
Traveler Pub
The owner of this three-storey, trendy bar has a passion for traveling around the world, and so named it the Traveler Bar. The owner even has a board for those interested to leave a message seeking...
Shamroock Irish Pub
The Shamrock Irish Pub is located in Lao Waitan, a typical Irish-style pub serving the guests with Guinness and Kilkennybeer as well as Tiger beer. The entire staff speaks English. The pub is...
Old Captain Lounge Bar
The Old Captain Lounge Bar is a vintage-style bar, where you will be served with plenty of high-quality beers, cocktails and whiskies. The comfortable lounges sit under huge, wire bird cages,...
Le Cargo Bar
Le Cargo bar is a French-style bar located in the fashionable Lao Waitan area. Despite its small size, it is still one of the most popular bars in Ningbo. The setting is pleasant and relaxed, and...