Things to do in Zhejiang are aplenty. For those into dazzling cultures, the nine national historical and cultural cities of Zhejiang are great places to start. For those desiring enchanting natural scenery, West Lake, Thousand Island Lake and Mount Jianlangshan are pleasant to the eye. Need some adventures? Be sure to hike its many towering mountains. Craving outdoor activities? Damingshan Skiing Resort and Yonganshan Paragliding Base will give you what you want. Museums like China Silk Museum, China National Tea Museum and theme parks such as Hello Kitty Theme Park and Hangzhou Paradise Park will raise your fun to the next level.

Hangzhou Song Dynasty Town
Hangzhou Song Dynasty Town, adjacent to the West Lake, is the first and largest Song Dynasty culture theme park in China. The town is a beautiful place, and also a window to show the cultures of the...
China Celadon Town
China Celadon Town, often referred to as Shangyang Town, Longquan City, Zhejiang Province, is the origin of contemporary Longquan Celadon and its core is Piyun Celadon Cultural Park. With a large...
Mount Putuo Buddhist Campus
With a 1,200-year-old Buddhist culture, Putuo enjoys a widespread reputation all the time. Morning recitals, studying bowing ceremonies, listening to masters explain scriptures and enjoying...
Root Palace and Buddhist Country Cultural Tourist
Root Palace and Buddhist Country Cultural Tourist Area is located in the center of golden triangle area which borders some famous scenic areas such as Huangshan Mountain, Sanqing Mountain, Wuyuan,...
Zhejiang University, Zhijiang Campus
Located in the historical and picturesque city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang University is a prestigious institution of higher education with a long history. Qiushi Academy, the predecessor of Zhejiang...
Laokaixin Teahouse
As an international tourism city, Hangzhou has paid more and more attention to the protection and development of the tourist cultures. Gongchen Bridge historic cultural block has been listed as the...