Wenzhou Longwan International Airport

Located in the Longwan District, about 22 km away from the downtown area, Wenzhou Longwan International Airport was officially renamed as Wenzhou Longwan International Airport in May 2013. It only takes about 20 minutes to get in/out the airport. The airport has regular flights to Hong Kong and Taipei, operating 40 airlines to around 100 cities.

The ticket office of the civil airliner is located at the junction of the Jinxiu Road and the Minhang Road. Passengers can take an air-conditioned tour coach to the downtown area. The ticket office is near the terminal and the ticket price is 12 Yuan per person from 05:15 to 20:00.You can also take a taxi from the airport to the urban areas.

Wenzhou Longwan International Airport ticket booking office (Jinxiu Road 951-953 Wenzhou city)
Telephone booking &ticket pick-up-in-airport hotline: 0577-86875533, 86892727  
Team booking hotline: 88346624 Fax: 88332406
Free ticket delivery service hotline: 0577-96555Fax: 0577-88340368
International ticket hotline: 0577-88324311 88324312  

1. Customhouse
If you have articles that need declaring, please go red channel to conduct the customs procedure. If not, please go green channel.

2. Check your luggage first and exchange your boarding card
Please take your passenger ticket and passport/visa to the corresponding check-in counter to conduct the boarding and baggage check-in procedure and get your boarding card.
If the flight you take will stop off at other airports in our country, please go “S” channel after the safety inspection then you can board the airplane in the waiting area.

3. Safety inspection
Please prepare your boarding card, ticket, passport/visa and poof of airport construction fee in advance, and give them to the inspector. For the sake of security, passengers should pass the detector, and personal luggage should be examined by x-ray apparatus.

4. Departure and boarding
Go the departure lounge according to what your boarding card shows. When boarding, you should show your boarding card.