The Zhejiang Tourism Website, sponsored by the Tourism Bureau of Zhejiang Province, is an important component of Zhejiang Government’s Official Web Portal, which lies in the charge of Zhejiang Tourist Information Center.

The construction of the website aims to present the overall tourism image of picturesque Zhejiang to the world, to provide visitors with accurate statistics and information, to provide tourism information to the public and to contribute to the operation of a strong eco-tourism province.

Since the Zhejiang Tourism Website was officially launched in 2000, it has won strong support from a majority of users. With the rapid growth and development of Zhejiang tourism, the Tourism Bureau of Zhejiang Provincial embarked upon a complete overhaul of the website in September 2006 in order to meet the needs of tourism promotion and to satisfy the requirements of the development of e-governance.

With a brand-new look, the updated Zhejiang Tourism Website is responsible for giving a comprehensive introduction of Zhejiang tourism resources, as well as for displaying the profound history and culture of Zhejiang from various perspectives, and endeavors to provide visitors from China and abroad with the latest and most accurate tourism information in Zhejiang.

We sincerely hope that the Zhejiang Tourism Website can make a contribution to the society, serving as a platform to disseminate Zhejiang culture and aid the development of the local tourism economy, becoming a window to serve international visitors well. Meanwhile, we hope users who can provide valuable advice will use the contact information on the website to send your feedback so that we may continue to improve the website. We hope that travel enthusiasts by accessing the Zhejiang Tourism Website can get to know Zhejiang better and love Zhejiang even more than before. You are welcome to visit Hangzhou.